Iran is the world's largest producer of saffron and due to the climate variability; many agricultural and horticultural crops such as saffron have the highest degree of quality. The annual production of saffron is around 250 tons in the world of which about 230 tons belong to Iran. Meanwhile, Iran has allocated the first rank in terms of quality and quantity with the annual saffron production of over 90% in the world. Greece with an annual production of about 6 million tons, Morocco 4 tons, Kashmir 3 tons, Spain about 2 tons and Italy 1 ton are in the second to sixth place of saffron production in the world. From 230 tons of annual production of saffron nearly 200 tons are exported to more than one hundred countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, France, UAE, China and Saudi Arabia and about 30 tons of it are consumed domestically.